One of my favorite parts of teaching this age is hearing the stories and silly things that they have to say.  I will record some of the things that make me laugh here (I don't attach names) and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.  If your child tells you a funny at home and you would like to share, I would love to hear it. 


I stood on a table the other day and one of the students says, "What if you break it?!" 

I was asking the kids about Easter, spring break and April Fool's day and one student says, "I April Fools my day, but not on April Fool's Day on Friday. He came home with beer and I said 'hey, that's my beer.'"

Mrs. Shipp was in the classroom the other day and a student said to her, "Mrs. Shipp you have three rings. Have you been married three times?" 

I'm thinking there are some spring break plans starting to be talked about a student told me today: "Mrs. Krebill, I get to skip school in the next calendar."

At lunch today there was a lot of joke telling. Some true jokes and funny, others...well... you still had to laugh. We ended our day with some joke telling. Here are a few:

Knock, Knock

Whose there?


Apple who?

Help me I'm getting eaten

Knock, knock

Whose there? 


Cray who?


Knock, Knock

Whose there? 


Miles who?

I'd walk miles and miles to see you

Knock, knock

Whose there?


Star who?

Star of the week

Random comment I overheard: "Bye, Bye, person I am older than!"

At the Valentine party there were kids making their plates and one child says, "the smell of broccoli makes me jealous." I question, "jealous?" He replies, "Yea, I love broccoli!" 

A student asked me, "Do all teachers like apples?" I replied, "I think a lot of teachers like apples." He says, " If I was a teacher, I'd just eat mac n cheese all day!"

A student tells me, "I watched goosebumps before, there was goblins. Why do they and dogs eat people? Yuck, they need to learn some manners." 

We were talking about what Love is today and a student made a connection saying that on Winnie the Pooh, Piglet asks how to spell love and Winnie says, you don't spell love you feel it." So cute! It was a great way to start our conversation. 

Random statement from a student, "My hands and bones are so tough, cause I do taekwondo."

On the 100th day of school a student says, "Mrs. Krebill, I didn't think this would be the best day ever... but it is!!"

We were talking about the kangaroo the other day and how they can be 7 feet tall. One student chimes in and says, 'Well my dad is bigger than 6 feet tall, so that's BIG" other students add similar comments about how tall his/her dad is and then one student says, "Yea, my dad's really old!" I could help but laugh to myself as the comment didn't quite follow the topic of height and the funny part to me is that I'm pretty sure I'm older than he is! 

I was doing reading groups on Thursday and the group I was working with finished reading the story to their partners and they announced, "Wee're done!" I said, " I know, you read that so well! It was Awesome!." and one of the girls says, "whew! wipe my sweat off!" Reading is hard work you know :) 

A student says, "I had some scared breath." I reply, "Scared breath, what is that?" He replies, "Don't worry I got some hand sanitize and got rid of it." 

One of our student was out with pink eye a week or so ago and a student says, "Yeah, him and his brothers both have...you know... black eyes."  

A student says to me, "Mrs. Krebill, can I get a drink? I just can't hold it any longer!"

I overheard two students talking during art class. One student says, "My mom lets me paint ALL the time!" A second student chimes in, "I paint ALL the time, but I don't tell my mom." The first student replies, "Then you are going to get coal for Christmas!"

In library a student said, "Hey! Mrs. Rooster!"  (Mrs. Russo is our librarian) 

A child had a big tasty looking cookie at lunch and Mrs. Snarski said, "Did Grandpa bake that cookie? I know Grandpa bakes." The student laughs and replies, "not without setting off the smoke alarm!"

I often dismiss students from the rug by the colors they are wearing, type of shoe, birthday etc. I dismissed a group by saying, " if you have anything in your hair" meaning headbands, bows... A student says, "Mrs. Krebill, does dandruff count?" 

The secretary came over the intercom and said, "All Script to the office"  A student says, "Mrs. Krebill I think the generator just said all kids to the lobby."

"Mrs. Krebill, can you get me some gobstoppers?" 

No buddy, it 9:00 in the morning I don't think we need any candy this early, and I don't have any gobstoppers.

"Not candy Mrs. Krebill, you know those dopper things." 

Oh, I gotcha buddy, you need some bingo dobbers!

Coming back from music with Mr. Allmon a student says, "I really like that song that Mr. Walnut did."

A student randomly says to me, "I took a shower last night for you and my mom put on additioner to make my hair extra fluffy." 

"Mrs. Krebill, while I'm working on my bird house can I have some earmuffs?" (we were working on building homes and she wanted the headphones)

"Green is my favorite color because it is for St. Clover's Day"

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